About Us

We believe in the power of mobile applications to help any business improve. That is why Codebuilders exists. Located at the heart of Stockholm, we are a group of technical project managers and developers fully invested in helping you jumpstart your business with mobile solutions today. Our list of clients range from large established companies to growing startups ready to embrace the endless possibilities with their smartphones consumers.


“Appify People’s Lives”
To create smart and useful applications that simplifies everyday life.


To provide the best software solutions to maximize the profitability and efficiency of our clients businesses.



This is the focus of what we do, we respond fast and strive to deliver ahead.


All our software solutions undergo quality control at every stage. From the production process with the team in Sri Lanka to final output, quality assurance is conducted here in Sweden.


Through constant improvement we aim to work smart and be efficient in providing our clients with the best solution.


We are passionate about what we do and have fun doing it. We learn from each other and overcome cultural barriers with laughter!

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